Weiss Dam, Cedar Bluff, Alabama

Weiss Dam on the Coosa River above Gadsden, Alabama
Weiss Dam floods the Chattooga and Coosa Rivers four feet around Cedar Bluff, nine miles upstream of the dam. The river is diverted by the dam into a retainage which is diked by an earthen extension of Weiss Dam. At the southwest end of "Weiss Lake," twenty-one miles downstream of the dam, a power plant is driven by a 56 foot water "head."
Weiss Dam Floods the Chattooga River by four feet today
Weiss Dam and Lake - Alabama

Lake Weiss - Well Known by Southern Fishermen

The first of the seven dams on the Coosa River, Weiss Dam is located 60 miles below Rome, Georgia. Built by Alabama Power Company in 1961, its reservoir drains an area of approximately 5,273 sq miles.

Weiss Dam is the first of the seven Alabama Power company reservoirs on the Coosa River and sits very close to the Georgia / Alabama state line. The project is a peaking power operation. During typical operation the dam generates power for 1-6 hours per day during the week. There is no power generation on weekends. The Weiss tailwater is inundated by the Neely Henry impoundment eliminating the issue of minimum flows.

The entire flow of the Coosa River is diverted through a canal leaving a 21-mile river segment adjacent to Weiss almost completely dry. This segment is often referred to as the Dead River but, miraculously, still harbors rare and endangered aquatic species.

Lake Weiss "Crappie Capital of the World"

...The Weiss Lake fishery is the major economic influence in Cherokee County, Alabama. The local folks treat anglers very well. Four free public access areas and 37 privately run marinas service Lake Weiss. Campgrounds, motels and rental cabins dot the shoreline of the lake.

The lake known as the "Crappie Fishing Capital of the World" has other fish to boast about these days; largemouth bass and striped bass are making a name for themselves. The largemouth bass fishery has been a best-kept secret for several years. Data collected from tournament anglers and state fisheries personnel has shown that Weiss Lake is one of the better bass fisheries in the state.

The black bass population primarily consists of 15-18 inch bass as well as abundant numbers of young growing bass. The striped bass population is dominated by 3-7 pound fish, but fish over 25 pounds have been caught. With a creel limit of 30, one can have a lot of fun getting into a school of these bruisers!! Crappie fishing was good this past spring, but there are many crappie just under the legal size of 10 inches. The upcoming fall season and next year spring crappie fishing should be excellent as these fish grow to legal size. Georgia gives their prospect for fishing Weiss Lake.

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