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Color Conquistadore Images Written by Donald E. Sheppard

Spain explored America before the Pilgrims landed.
...and described places we live upon today.

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Cabeza de Vaca, Hernando de Soto and Francisco Coronado explored deep into North America starting in 1528. This Site places their trails, highways today, to villages which became our cities. Just type a place name in the Site Search Bar below to find it herein.
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 Conquest Trails in Brief...

American Conquest Trails - Press for State Index Map Cabeza de Vaca was the first to explore and describe America's Southern States. Soon after, Hernando de Soto traveled Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama on his way to waiting supply ships at Mobile Bay, but lost all of his collected treasure in battle before he got there. Embarrassed, DeSoto fled due north through Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana; his scouts as far as Chicago. Finding NO OCEAN there, DeSoto headed west thru Illinois, still seeking a passage to China.

When DeSoto discovered the Mississippi River, which obviously drained a land mass much larger than he had surmised, it changed his life forever. No more dreams of trade with China. He headed southwest into Missouri, still searching for Vaca's fabled wealthy tribes. He wintered in Arkansas where he died of humiliation that summer. His army headed southwest through Louisiana and Texas, scouts as far as San Antonio. Wanting food, all retreated back to Arkansas. They wintered building boats on the Arkansas River, part of the Great River, then drifted down that river into the Mississippi, passing beside Vicksburg where Natives attacked them, then thru Louisiana to the Gulf of Mexico. They finally coasted Louisiana and Texas to Spanish Mexico.

In the meantime, Francisco Vasquez de Coronado departed Compostela, Mexico, up the Gulf of California and across the White Mountains of Arizona, searching for "the richest land in the world," described by Cabeza de Vaca. Coronado moved to the upper Rio Grande, where his people killed more than 200 natives in a massacre, then led his scouts north, across Western Texas and Oklahoma into Kansas. Finding only grass huts, he returned to Mexico.

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