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To locate DeSoto's trail, Congress formed a Commission in 1936. It consisted of Dr. John R. Swanton of Harvard and six Southern Congressmen. Nine months later they presented their report of DeSoto's trail through ten Southern states. Published in 1939, The Final Report of the U.S. DeSoto Expedition Commission still stands as America's official view of Native Americans. It is now taught in classrooms across the country, despite the fact that modern sciences cast serious doubt on its validity.

Casual reading reveals the Commission's neglect of observations written in the original DeSoto journals due, in large part, to political pressure that it do so. All of the known DeSoto journals have been translated since the Henry Schoolcraft DeSoto Trail theory of 1857, which the Commission largely adopted, was published. DeSoto's trail led to Chicago, NOT to where the Commission indicated. Midwestern Natives, described by DeSoto's people, were unlike any we learned about in school.

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Landmarks, river crossings, roads, people and their habits are detailed therein. Keep in mind that today's roads were built over Indian trails which conquistadores used. There are VERY few exceptions to this, but they can be understood by locating ancient trails and abandoned cities on todays aerial photos.

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