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DeSotos Trail on Google EarthFor centuries historians have failed to track DeSoto because they ignored important conquest techniques. DeSoto was governed by moon phases and tides for night movement and harbor entry; by coasts and paced navigation to keep track of pasturelands for horses and for intelligent warfare stratigies. Neglecting these factors has led historians and ethnologists to many erroneous conclusions.

For want of archaeological "evidence," todays unquestioned DeSoto Trail Theory, hypothesized in 1857, still stands. It came from an "agent" with no knowledge of conquest or DeSoto's history elsewhere.

DeSoto was incredibly rich from Peruvian Gold. He selected the best young men and women, many of African descent, to seize and hold North America. The King's huge ships transported them to Florida - along with tons of supplies and animals to colonize North America for Spain.

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