Presented by Donald E. Sheppard
EXPLORER          COUNTRY   YEAR[in order]     GEOGRAPHIC AREA EXPLORED                           
Columbus           Spain    1492 Sailed westward to find route to China, found the New World
John Cabot         England  1497 Sailed to the Grand Banks while doing the same thing
Amerigo Vespucci   Italy    1498 Sailed South America's coast - later maps called it "America" 
Vasco Da Gama      Portugal 1498 Sailed around the tip of Africa and reached the Indies
Vasco de Balboa    Spain    1513 Crossed Panama southward, finding the "South Sea," the Pacific
Ponce de Leon      Spain    1513 Landed in what is now Florida, claimed North America for Spain
Ferdinand Magellan Spain    1519 First to sail around the world - around South America
Hernando Cortez    Spain    1519 Conquered the Aztec Empire of Mexico City
Verrazano          France   1524 Explored North America from North Carolina to Newfoundland
Cabeza de Vaca     Spain    1528 Explored Gulf Coast America by land for seven years, record it
Francisco Pizarro  Spain    1531 Conquered the Inca Empire of Peru, claimed it for Spain
Jacques Cartier    France   1534 Sailed Canada's St. Lawrence River, claimed it for France
Hernando De Soto   Spain    1539 Explored deep into North America, claimed it for Spain
Coronado           Spain    1540 Explored North America's West to Kansas, claimed it for Spain
Tristan De Luna    Spain    1559 Short settlement in Mobile where his people explored Alabama
Pedro Menendez     Spain    1565 Founded St. Augustine, oldest lasting city in North America
Sir Francis Drake  England  1577 Treasure ship pirate, chased Spanish ships all over the world
Sir Walter Raleigh England  1585 Founded and lost the first English colony in North America
Henry Hudson       England  1607 Sailed to find a northern passage to Asia from Europe
Samuel de Champlain France  1609 Sought the Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean
The Pilgrims       England  1620 Sailed the Mayflower to Plymouth to attain religious freedom 

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